Chinese Medicine Diagnosis: Pulse, Tongue, and Stress Analysis – Seattle, WA

Chinese Medicine Diagnosis: Pulse, Tongue, and Stress Analysis – Seattle, WA

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the idea that the body’s vital energy, the chi, circulates through meridians throughout the body. Illnesses are believed to be caused by an interruption of the chi’s flow. Chinese medicine practitioners use acupuncture and medicines to restore the flow of the chi.

Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

In order to decide on the best treatment, the practitioner has to make a diagnosis first. When a patient comes to Pinnacle Integrative in Seattle WA, the practitioner talks with the patient about the patient’s symptoms. While talking, the practitioner will observe the patient’s general appearance. The next step for a Seattle WA acupuncturist is to take the patient’s pulse. The characteristics of the various Chinese pulses allow the practitioner to detect disturbances in the chi. The strength, amplitude, and deepness of the pulse are all considered. The pulse is taken in three locations along the wrist.

Tongue Diagnosis

When patients first come to Pinnacle Integrative in Seattle WA, they are often surprised to be asked to stick out their tongues. In Chinese medicine, tongue diagnosis is very important. The shape, color, surface texture, and other characteristics of the tongue provide clues about how the internal organs are working. The appearance of the tongue combined with information obtained from the pulses and the patient’s history allows the practitioner to pinpoint the source of the chi disruption.

Stress Analysis

A state-of-the-art diagnostic method sometimes used by Seattle WA acupuncturists to deepen their understanding of the chi problem is meridian stress analysis. Many patients wonder what is stress analysis? In stress analysis, the practitioner uses electro-dermal testing of acupuncture points to gather information about energy levels and the flow of chi. This testing allows the practitioner to develop a deeper understanding of the imbalances and disruptions in the flow of the chi.

Special Device

What is stress analysis performed for, patients often wonder. It is an invaluable way to allow the acupuncturist to plan a personalized treatment for each patient. The output of the test appears in graphical format on a computer screen. Analysis of the data allows the practitioner to identify meridians that are unbalanced or stressed. Stress analysis is not painful or invasive in any way. A special probe is simply touched to various acupuncture points to measure the flow of energy.


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