Learn More About Acupuncture’s Benefits During IBS Awareness Month in April – Seattle, WA

Learn More About Acupuncture’s Benefits During IBS Awareness Month in April – Seattle, WA

The month of April has been designated Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month to focus public attention on this common gastrointestinal condition. As much as 20 percent of the population worldwide can be troubled by this disorder A number of treatments are used to treat IBS, and alternative therapies can also be helpful for this condition. Pinnacle Integrative in Seattle WA can provide acupuncture treatments, which have been found to be helpful for this troublesome condition.

Understanding IBS
Scientists still have many questions about the causes and origins of irritable bowel syndrome. Studies suggest that the pain and gastrointestinal symptoms occur because of inflammation in the lining of intestines. A number of factors play a part in this inflammation. An imbalance in the bacterial flora inside the intestines may be at fault. In addition, hormones, stress and food sensitivities may also be factors in the disorder. Heredity may also play a part in the development of IBS. A number of treatment options are available, but flare-ups often trouble patients periodically. Treatments by a Seattle WA acupuncturist can be helpful in managing symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms
Irritable bowel syndrome can have a profound impact on an individual’s work life and social life. Symptoms of abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, urgent need to go to the bathroom and feeling of not evacuating the bowels completely. Pain often begins 30 minutes to an hour after eating. Patients often report that they have relief from pain after going to the bathroom. Many patients feel that they have to stay close to a bathroom at all times in case of a sudden flare-up of symptoms.

How It Can Help
Acupuncture is an Ancient Chinese medical treatment that uses very thin needles inserted at various points of the body to block sensations of pain and improve the body’s ability to heal itself. This type of therapy has been found to reduce stress, which can contribute to the flare-up of IBS symptoms. It is also thought to release neurotransmitter chemicals to the brain that reduce pain and increase the patient’s sense of well being. These effects can help to provide relief from IBS symptoms. A consultation with a Seattle WA acupuncturist can help determine if treatments on a regular basis can help the patient manage the discomfort from irritable bowel syndrome.

If you are dealing with the uncomfortable pain and other symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, call Pinnacle Integrative in Seattle WA to discuss whether treatments with an acupuncturist can help you.