Corporate Wellness

“We Save Lives by Motivating Individuals and Organizations to Get and Stay Healthy.” What’s going on with the health of our country?

Welcome to Corporate Wellness with OLS!

Corporate Wellness



OLS, abbreviated for Optimal Life Systems is a unique Wellness Company that provides a simple easy and fun approach to Wellness. We make Wellness Fun!


Our Mission is to make Wellness, Optimal Health, Vibrant Energy, and Happiness Easy to achieve, making Outstanding results Automatic!

Corporate & Community Wellness

OLS Outreach is offering a unique learning opportunity.

Workshops 1-4 “Essential Steps to Optimal Performance,” will be offered at no fee to local organizations. These life-enhancing programs have been designed to give individuals a solid foundation of the necessary building blocks of optimal health, and the simple basic steps they can take immediately to achieve significant improvement.

Each workshop addresses both the motivational aspect and the focus needed to make the necessary changes/choices that enable attendees to better meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities/possibilities.

Each workshop is independent and can be delivered as a 50 minute Lunch ‘N Learn or in other more brief mini sessions, at your facility. We would be pleased to share all, or any portion of this program with your organization. Please contact us for assistance, further information, or when scheduling these workshops.

Call 1-206-624-0397 for further information on our programs or to schedule events with a program coordinator.

Available Workshops:

#1: Abundant Energy All the Time (Part 1)

This workshop takes a very direct and easily applicable approach to the first 4 of 8 essentials of optimal health and abundant energy.

Attendees will learn:

  • About breathing (oxygenation), the body’s most important nutrient.
  • The truth about hydration and its vital importance.
  • The importance of exercise to vital and vibrant health.
  • How mental choice can impact optimal energy.
  • Simple steps to modify current behavior RIGHT NOW!

#2: Abundant Energy All the Time (Part 2)

This workshop takes a very direct and easily applicable approach to the final 4 of 8 essentials of optimal health and abundant energy.

Attendees will learn:

  • What are “good fats” and why they matter.
  • What, and how to combine foods to attain maximum energy.
  • How alkalizing the body’s PH Balance impacts optimal health, while significantly increasing energy overall.
  • How the brain / nervous system control everything.
  • Simple steps to modify current behavior RIGHT NOW!

#3: Restful Sleep

This workshop is all about sleeping like a baby – again! Discover the technical, mental and dietary aspects that allow you to obtain optimal deep relaxing sleep.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to determine what type of a sleeper you are – naturally.
  • How much sleep you need and why.
  • How to choose the proper mattress, perfect pillows and supports.
  • Simple steps to MELT to sleep TONIGHT!

#4: Release Stress Now (Stress 1)

Stress is born from a feeling of powerlessness over circumstances, individuals and situations.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to resolve and dissolve stress internally.
  • How to be in the midst of a storm and feel like you’re in paradise.
  • How to feel powerful, passionate, and happy instead of powerless exhausted and depressed.
  • How to pull yourself out from overwhelm, and into a feeling of control, power, passion and excitement.

#5: Your Compelling Future (Stress 2)

This workshop is about bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it NOW. It’s an old saying, but every bit as true today, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is Dr. Pollack’s favorite workshop.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to set compelling goals that will draw you out from stress and overwhelm, and move you into joyous fulfillment.
  • How and why specific goals work to create a greater level of health, happiness and success in all aspects of your personal & professional life.
  • The simple and easy way to enjoy the entire process from setting goals to achieving them.
  • How to enjoy life’s journey (not just its destinations) while achieving the outcomes of your dreams along the way.

#6: Stretch for Health

Learn how to perform simple and easy SELF-DIRECTED stretches that will have a profound impact on your health, relieving your muscle’s tension. You will leave this workshop with a set of simple stretches and exercises (you can easily share with your family/friends) that positively improve your life RIGHT NOW!

Attendees will learn:

  • The role of stretching in injury PREVENTION.
  • The seven (7) essential factors of health.