Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide the highest level of holistic care by having acupuncturists and western medical doctors working side by side as a team. Our goal is to help as many people as we can get healthy and free of pain naturally!

We are passionate about our purpose and our dedication to this purpose is best told by the testimonials of our patients:

‘Three weeks into treatment with the provider team at Pinnacle, I was walking straight and standing in front of the classroom with relative ease for the first time in years. Three months into treatment, I now stand for six hours a day and go dancing on the weekends. I have my life back!’
Elizabeth G.
Seattle WA

“Impressive beyond words. After seeking treatment for over 12 years for a troubling condition, the team approach at Pinnacle finally brought a break through that has greatly improved my quality of life. Danny and his team are top notch!”
Rachel B.
Seattle WA

“I can not thank you enough for the powerful session I had with you. It normally takes 7 days of self talk to pull me out of a situational depression. With your lead and knowledge, I was back to my ” normal” self that same night. Very powerful. You and your staff work miracles. I am blessed to have found you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
Betty I.
Seattle WA

“I came to Pinnacle for treatment of back pain that I had dealt with since first injuring it about 6 years ago. I also sought treatment for depression that I had tried to address with anti-depressant medication unsuccessfully for about 10 years. I saw instant results: my back pain went away quickly, I began to feel less fatigued, anxious and depressed overall. Most importantly, Pinnacle gave me hope where I had none left. They gave me the tools and encouragement to continue to make my health and well-being my first priority, just as they had done.”
Cassandra B.
Seattle WA

“When I came into Pinnacle, I was literally dying. My digestive system was not functioning well, I was irritable, I lacked energy and had constant mental fogginess. I was filled with self-doubt and weighed 269.5 lbs (highest I have ever been). I felt trapped in hopelessness and was so sick of living that way. In a few short months I have lost 20lbs, I feel energetic, focused and joyful. My husband and children have remarked on the change. My friends tell me ‘there’s just a glow emanating from you.’ I see life in vivid color. I am hopeful even in the midst of a great challenge.”
Anita K.
Seattle WA

“Getting to the root of my problems physically has helped me heal emotionally as well. I look forward to getting better and starting life again!”
Cynthia D.
Renton WA

“The entire team explained the healing process like I had never heard before. And just like they said, improvements would initially be up and then down then up and up and up. I can say Pinnacle has perfected their healing arts! I can’t thank you enough, I am 80% healed up in less than 4 months!”
Erika R.
Seattle WA

“I can’t rave enough or recommend strongly enough about my experience at Pinnacle; It has changed my life.”
Kelsey H.
Seattle WA

“I first came to Pinnacle to seek relief from chronic back pain. I was also feeling unusually fatigued and achy all over. The treatments I have received have been corrective and the best thing I could have invested into my health. I do highly recommend it.”
Paul W.
Seattle WA

“I came to Pinnacle after being rear-ended in a car accident almost two years ago. I had chronic lower back pain. I was in pain sometimes just sitting up and had trouble putting on shoes and socks. The staff here has gotten me feeling and moving so much better. I am no longer in pain just sitting down and I have returned to many of my old activities that I love. I’m so happy I tried this treatment program, I have had so much success with it. Thanks so much!”
Susan S.
Seattle WA

“I’ve been receiving acupuncture on and off for almost two decades now, so I feel like I’ve got a reasonable idea of what to expect. Danny is one of the better practitioners I have worked with, and I have trusted him to help me overcome some very significant health challenges.”
Lorena D.
Seattle WA

“I know no one who had done acupuncture before. I thought that it may have been a last resort to the excruciating amount of pain I’ve had in my back and shoulders after a highly invasive back surgery I had about a year ago. No medicine had helped me, and I was willing to try anything.
I had one visit with you guys, and I was literally brought to tears as the treatment was so amazing it about completely erased my pain. I highly recommend you all to work with!”
Kayla P.
Seattle WA

“The team at Pinnacle gets five stars for a number of reasons:
– Warm, personalized welcome and goodbye every time I enter and exit the clinic.
– Real, measurable results from the treatments (for me, lower blood pressure, increased endurance, less stress, etc.)
– A focus on lifestyle, complete holistic health and providing guidance beyond just the treatment itself (suggested reading material, effective nutrition, incredible herbs, probiotics, etc.).
The practitioners are knowledgeable and provide a nice counter-perspective to what we hear from Conventional Western medicine.”
Matt C.
Seattle WA

“Pinnacle Integrative Health is truly an AMAZING place! The treatments, the mind/body spirit approach to care that I’ve received have been life changing! I originally came to acupuncture seeking treatment for 2 herniated disks- I’d been to physical therapy on and off for about 2 years, I tried feldenkrais, and muscle strengthening, but nothing has been as effective as the treatments I’ve received here!”
Kelsey S.
Seattle WA

“Fantastic results.. Unlike any other acupuncture treatment or therapy I have had. Highly recommended.”
Marc G.
Seattle WA

Type 2 Diabetes?



“After 5 months I’ve lost 58 lbs and my doctor has taken me off all my diabetes and blood pressure medications. My blood sugar dropped from 205 to 193 to 85-93. This saved my life!”
– Carl Vann

“In 4 months I went from a size 50 waist to a size 40. I’m completely off insulin, where I was up to 30 units. I was having a lot of pain in my legs and feet, and also numbness in my hands. My eyesight was even blurry. And that is all gone away!”
– Frank McKee

“I joined the program about six weeks ago. I’m now off Januvia and Lipitor. This was the turning point in my life.”
– Esther Maguire