The Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment:

Our exclusive non-surgical 5 Diamond Cosmetic Transformation facelift is a four-phase process of micro-needling with a powerful and proprietary combination of regenerative cells.  We infuse a four-phase protocol of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Amniotic Membrane, Umbilical Tissue Matrix and Exosomes strategically infused into the dermis for the ultimate protocol in restoration of youthful appearance and skin tone.  This protocol makes our practice unique in our community and sets us apart in terms of non-surgical results and maximal transformation.

The non-surgical 5 Diamond Cosmetic Transformation facelift is the ultimate protocol to reverse and mitigate the aging process. This has been shown to eliminate nasolabial folds, hollow cheeks, baggy eyelids, marionette lines, sagging and wrinkling skin. Unlike surgery, the 5 Diamond Cosmetic Transformation facelift stimulates regenerative youth to your skin on a deep cellular level without the risk or recovery of incision-based alternatives which are often irreversible.

What sets our facelift light years apart from the shop down the street dabbling in what is known as “vampire facial” …..yikes….Is our highly trained, multi-disciplinary medical team who specialize in the 5 Diamond Cosmetic Transformation facelift method and bring the highest level of expertise.  We combine the benefits of the ancient art of acupuncture with the expertise of a certified medical team who delivers our proprietary four-phase protocol to stimulate long-lasting rejuvenation.

The genius of the non-surgical 5 Diamond Cosmetic Transformation is the way it combines different modalities for maximum outcome.

Initially, following a topical anewthesia, the “primer coat” which prepares the skin for the regenerative cells is a minimally-invasive PRP micro-needling. This is where our process departs from the competition like a Porsche 911 leaving a Toyota Prius in its dust.  No comparison.

Next is a targeted or “aliquot” injection of PRP from our medical team. These PRP injections are enhanced by a calcium based molecule, which allows for deeper absorption by the dermis.

Third, the Amniotic Matrix (growth factors, scaffolding, barrier proteins) is injected and infused.  This creates the barrier for the epidermis for the healing of damaged tissue. Next is the Umbilical Cord cellular matrix is aliquot injected and infusion to create a “scaffolding” affect that provides the “worker” cells for the development of new blood vessels, fat cells and collagen to naturally plump and fluff the skin reversing deep tissue damage from years of environmental exposure.

Finally, our medical team then micro-needles the skin with exosomes which powerfully signal the previously infused “worker” cells to begin the regeneration of new tissue, resulting in tightened, youthful transformation.

While others are plumping the skin with synthetic and temporary fillers, we are regenerating the natural plumpness of the skin with cells, matrix, growth factors and exosome signals that cause a permanent biological response for powerful rejuvenation of the deeper levels of dermis as well as the superficial levels of the skin.  The impressive results include a permanent natural looking restoration of skin elasticity and a return to your more youthful self.

The following are some of our patients who have received our 5 Diamond Cosmetic Transformation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it last?
Since the 5 Diamond Cosmetic Transformation facelift stimulates your body’s production of its own new cells, the beneficial effects are permanent. Our patients who wish to age gracefully without altering their natural features, as happens with surgical procedures, benefit from annual maintenance treatments consisting of simple PRP micro-needling infusions. There are no known negative effects to this maintenance.

How long until I see benefit?
You will notice immediate improvement, with continuous improvements for the subsequent three to four months.

Does it hurt?
At Pinnacle Integrative Health we use a topical cream to anesthetize the skin. There can be some minor pain associated with the procedure, but most clients report any pain to be a 1 out of 10, similar to a mosquito bite.

Can you go back to work the same day?
Your face will be red, tight, and irritated; there is a possibility that some bruising will take place. In most cases patients feel comfortable going back to work in one to three days.

What are the adverse effects?
Adverse effects are rare with the 5 Diamond Cosmetic Transformation facelift but could include infected skin, bruising, red & irritated skin, changes in color, and minor swelling.

Who is a candidate for this protocol?
If you are over 40 and considering surgical options for enhancement, you are a candidate. If you are wanting to restore natural, youthful attributes, you are a candidate.  If you are in your late 20’s and want to prevent and preserve your youthful look, you are a candidate. If you have skin issues such as rosacea, acne, dry skin, eczema, you are a candidate.  By starting early, greater skin preservation can occur with less intense and less frequent treatment. The ultimate restoration of youth lies in our 5 Diamond Cosmetic Transformation protocol.

Is there a point where it is too late to benefit?
While the majority of our clients see transformative benefits, in some cases of severe skin sagging or tissue atrophy, the 5 Diamond Cosmetic Transformationfacelift may not achieve the goals you have in mind.  At your complimentary consultation a very honest and thorough assessment of your objectives, and our potential to meet them, will be undertaken.