Abundant Energy Part 2

Abundant Energy Part 2


This workshop is the second in a two part series. The primary focus of this presentation is on creating maximum levels of energy, simply and effortlessly. Attendees learn how to attain and sustain optimal levels of energy through energy producing food combinations, appreciating the importance of “good fats”, alkalizing the body, and understanding the importance of the nervous system to control and coordinate all systems, organs and structures.

Attendees who apply and incorporate these principles into their daily routine will feel much more vibrant, vital, alert, alive and energetic every day! They will experience increased physical ability and enjoy the process. This part of the program also shares the simple secrets to easily dropping unnecessary weight.
Don’t miss this powerful presentation!

Attendees will learn:

  • What and how to combine foods in order to attain maximum energy.
  • How to distinguish between “good fats” versus bad, why good fat is necessary, and how each affect your health and energy.
  • How alkalizing the body’s ph balance impacts your health and energy.
  • How the brain through the nervous system controls everything.

Come join us and be a part of this very informative, fun and highly interactive experience.

Abundant Energy 2 Summary Sheet