Attention all men & women aged 45 and over struggling with…..

Attention all men & women aged 45 and over struggling with…..

Pop Quiz: Which ORGAN do you think is the most important in helping you REVERSE Type-2 Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, and controlling your blood sugars? Take your pick…

A.) Your Gall Bladder
B.) Your Liver
C.) Your Pancreas
D.) Your Brain

I want you to pick an answer right now. Got one? Ok good.

Even if you’re a health expert, you may not know what it is. The answer is counter intuitive. I’ll tell you what it is in just a minute.

But first I need to tell you a quick story to give you context for what I’m going to share with you.

See, science has confirmed a very simple method of reversing your Type-2 Diabetes – and doing it quickly…

…and no, we’re not talking about a fancy drug, supplement, or weird diet.

What you’re about to discover is incredibly easy, and not only that, it can help you lose your stubborn weight, boost your energy, help you sleep better, and just make you feel 10 years younger.

Sounds crazy, but it’s not, and when you keep reading you’re going to discover just how simple it is.

Hi, my name is Daniel Rasmussen and I’m a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and researcher. Maybe you’ve heard of me. I have developed wellness programs and education courses and seminars helping people reclaim their health.

I’m excited about this recent diabetes discovery because if you have it, you can’t afford to get “comfortable” in how you’re living…

Because with diabetes, you can never get complacent. You can’t let your guard down…

Any number of health concerns can ATTACK you at any time, causing even MORE health ailments and terrible living conditions, not only to you, but your loved ones as well with ailments like…

  • Cardiovascular disease…
  • Nerve damage (neuropathy)…
  • Tooth loss and other oral diseases…
  • Eye damage (retinopathy)…
  • Kidney damage (nephropathy)…
  • Foot damage (ulcers)…
  • Tinnitus and hearing impairment…
  • Skin conditions (rashes, itching and growths)…
  • Alzheimer’s…

That’s just the beginning. Eventually the disease becomes irreversible… and ultimately, fatal .

You must stop your downward health spiral NOW — not next week, next month, not next year.

Do you really want to put your loved ones on the line financially to take care of you, or to put their lives on hold because you let your health get so bad that you need round-the-clock care?

There is no other way to look at it without eventually losing a tooth, an eye, a foot…

Now, maybe your doctor is sugarcoating everything, telling you you’ll be ok, your diabetes can be “managed with medication.”

Unfortunately, it can’t.

But that’s what they’ll say. Why? Because…

Treating Diabetes is a Cash Cow!

For the healthcare industry, treating diabetics is VERY PROFITABLE — for doctors, surgeons, dietitians, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals that care for people with the disease, along with the multitude of complications that result from the disease.

It’s a HUGE money-making machine.

Please understand — the healthcare industry is a business FIRST. It’s FOR PROFIT.

Unfortunately, taking diabetes drugs is usually the worst thing you can do because your problems will just keep snowballing.

It starts with a pill for high blood sugar…

…followed by another pill for cholesterol…

…followed by another pill for high blood pressure…

…then maybe another pill for water retention, or anxiety, or food cravings, or to help you sleep better.

(Keep in mind these pills never cure anything they just mask the symptom .)


But it doesn’t stop there, because…

…There are MORE pills for depression and neuropathy and other problems triggered by blood sugar disease. Then, once those plateau (and they will), you’ll need insulin injections when you cross over into FULL-BLOWN DIABETES.

So your chances of being ‘cured’ by the conventional medical system are slim to none.

They want patients like you with ongoing, chronic health problems, because they represent the biggest profits.

However, the truth is diabetes is not even “manageable”….

The day will come when frequent visits to the Emergency Room (ER) will be “the new normal” for you

You and your doctor may have had success adjusting your meds so far, you may have had success with insulin injections–but I’ll bet you’re starting to notice — it’s getting worse, not better. More and more drugs. Stronger and stronger medicine…

More and more problems!

It’s just a matter of time before any success you experience will be replaced by the next terrible health problem.

Trust me, I’m not trying to scare you here at all. I’m trying to warn you that the inner voice in your head telling yourself you still have time… is a lie.


Diabetes is a slow burning fuse…a slow, painful, socially-acceptable form of suicide

The good news is if you act now, (not next month, next week or even tomorrow,) we know which wires to cut to defuse the bomb–instead of just resetting the timer again and again.

My point is simple: If you have your diabetes under control with medication and your numbers look good right now, you can’t fall into a false sense of complacency.


So let’s try something different, shall we? (Something proven by science)

Instead of shooting for a perfect healthy life, let’s just get your Type-2 diabetes reversed FIRST, so you can put this life threatening disease behind you once and for all.
To do that, you don’t have to burn all the fat , and you certainly don’t have to look like a greek god or goddess.

To reverse the diabetes, you just have to lose enough to attain what Dr. Ron Taylor calls your “Personal Fat Threshold ”.

Reaching your Personal Fat Threshold is the magic tipping point that reverses diabetes.

That’s why when I discovered this new diabetes study from Newcastle University, UK, published by Diabetes Care, I got so excited. Because it gives NEW HOPE to diabetics and prediabetics everywhere.

I had to get the word out.

This is the secret we’ve been searching for. It’s all based upon…


Your Personal Fat Threshold…

According to a Newcastle University diabetes study lead by Dr. Ron Taylor, your personal fat threshold is the magical tipping point where your pancreas, (finally unclogged from all that stubborn fat,) starts pumping out the hormone insulin normally again.

You see, the pancreas is a small, but essential organ sitting behind the stomach, pumping out the insulin needed to keep blood sugar levels under control.

In type 2 diabetes, your body can’t use this insulin properly. This is called insulin resistance.

At first, the pancreas makes extra insulin to make up for it. But, over time your pancreas isn’t able to keep up and can’t make enough insulin to keep your blood glucose levels normal.

And the reason?

Because stubborn fat is clogging it .

Right now, like a kitchen sink, your pancreas is stopped up. If it’s not stopped up, it’s backed up, only allowing just a trickle of insulin to get through.

Think about it this way: That means losing just ONE gram of fat COULD CURE your Type 2 diabetes. ..

Study author Professor Roy Taylor told the World Diabetes Conference in Vancouver: “For people with Type 2 diabetes, losing weight allows them to drain excess fat out of the pancreas and allows function to return to normal.

So, if you ask how much weight you need to lose to make your diabetes go away, the answer is one gram . But that gram needs to be fat from the pancreas.”

That’s really all you need to know to rid yourself of this devastating disease.

The question becomes, how do you do that?

Being a health researcher, I knew there were dozens of promising diets and plans out there.

But the fatal flaw that keeps them from working is they’re all too difficult to implement in real life. Why?

Because they demand near superhuman commitment — for life. They’re just too strict. (You probably already know this, which is why you’re still searching for a solution.)

After seeing so many people struggle, in our clinic helping thousands of patients reverse their diabetes and after doing all the research, I recruited my team. We put our heads together and created the easiest, most effective diabetes-reversing programspecifically designed to unclog and then jumpstart the pancreas.

We call it…

The Diabetes Fix

  • Rapidly Reach Your Personal Fat Threshold
  • Quickly Stabilize Your Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels
  • Unclog Stubborn Fat From Your Pancreas, Allowing Normal Insulin Production
  • Naturally REVERSE your Type-2 Diabetes or pre-diabetes conditions
  • Say Goodbye to Dangerous Medications and Disease

The Diabetes Fix Program was designed for people who have tried EVERYTHING else to reverse their diabetes and always come up short.

The reason those programs didn’t work? They are based on cookie cutter diets require the self-discipline of a super-soldier for the rest of your life.  They DON’T do the proper testing of your blood samples, Digestive Health Panels, hormone testing, and genetic testing.  None of the critical information that tells us WHY YOU have diabetes and what organ systems have stopped functioning normally.  Unless you test, you are playing a lifelong guessing game. (And it will be a life full of progressive debilitating complications that ruin your life).

Honestly, there’s no need for such massive effort.

The Diabetes Fix Program is NEW AND DIFFERENT . With The Diabetes Fix, it’s THE TESTING that does all the heavy lifting.

It’s NOT a weight loss program. It’s not a fitness program.

It’s goal is for you to ultimately…

Reach your Personal Fat Threshold…
In the process, creating a Diabetes-Free Zone!

It’s totally possible (and you’ll be amazed why you haven’t been told this sooner.)

I’ve created a program which can truly reverse your diabetes, often within a matter of a few weeks.


Right now, I’d like you to imagine life without diabetes…

  • Without having to prick your finger every morning…
  • Without having to take dangerous medications… without having to endure insulin injections for the rest of your life…
  • Without the threat of some wicked disease or catastrophe hanging over your head .

Imagine if you could live your life normally, just like everyone else. Able to eat the things you enjoy.

Because you can. Just like thousands of others.

It starts by implementing a personalized wellness program which allows you to unclog your pancreas , allowing you to finally reverse the diabetes by reversing insulin resistance.

Losing just one gram of fat could turn the tables in your favor.

What unclogging your pancreas does (and it’s very simple when you think about it) is allow your insulin to start flowing again like it supposed to.

These superfoods…

  • Help you lose targeted fat in your pancreas
  • Start normalizing your blood sugar the first day , stabilizing it over the next 8 weeks…
  • Insulin resistance gone?
  • Reverse nagging diabetes complications…
  • Help you lose weight (but here’s the good news! According to Dr. Taylor, you can still be overweight and your diabetes can still be reversed!)

And it’s not going to require The Biggest Loser efforts to do it.

What are Diabetes Reversal Superfoods?

First, you can forget the idea that diabetes superfoods are foods which you won’t like, foods that are snobbish or difficult to get.

I designed this program to be something which a person can adopt as much or as little as they want, whatever food budget they’re on.

For example, do you like coffee?

Great because coffee is an incredible diabetes reversal superfood. Even decaf.

In multiple studies, 1-2 cups of coffee a day has proven to cut the risk of diabetes by as much as 56%.

Here’s another: Do you use butter?

Because butter from grass fed cows, in addition to other healthy oils and fats we’ll share with you, supply your body with essential fatty acids it needs for blood sugar stabilization.

In other words, yes it’s totally ok to consume fat. And in fact, it’s necessary!

Or how about avocados? Talk about a diabetes reversing powerhouse!

Loaded with twice the potassium than a banana (which is all sugar) and oleic fat, not only do avocados stabilize blood sugar, but the healthy fat content in avocados makes you feel full longer as well as makes junk food cravings disappear . (Avocados double as a perfect weight loss solution.)

In The Diabetes Fix we share with you delicious foods like these which can unclog the fat in your pancreas.

No Need to Starve Yourself with Another “Quick Fix” Diet!

In The Diabetes Fix Program, there’s no need to starve yourself. That’s NOT how you’re going to hit your Personal Fat Threshold.

You’re going to complement your diet with foods that help stabilize your blood sugar and insulin… help reach your Personal fat Threshold… and ultimately, help unclog your pancreas and get insulin flowing again.

Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll also start to experience results like these:

  1. Your craving and bingeing will be dramatically reduced
  2. You’ll have more energy throughout the day
  3. You’ll think clearer and your mood will brighten
  4. If you want, you can even go on to lose as much weight as you want (and it will not be difficult at all… in fact you’ll enjoy your newfound eating and snacking throughout the day)

Ultimately, you’ll reverse your diabetes and put that chapter of your life behind you.

Click for

The Diabetes Fix Program Special Offer


Now, other programs we’ve created of this caliber and comprehensiveness go for $12,000.00 and up.

But I have discussed this, and given there is such a crying need for a solution to diabetes… given there’s such an epidemic… we’ve decided to make the introductory price of this program super affordable.

You could say given this new breakthrough study and the millions out there who suffer, that we’re on a mission.

So you won’t pay $12,000.00.

We have been able to get health insurance to cover a portion of this program.  Each individual’s program is unique.  The only way we can tell what your program will look like…… is FIRST, by doing an evaluation to see if you qualify.

However!  We only accept a limited number of patients to the Diabetes Fix Program.


The first step is to do that Evaluation!


The regular price for the Evaluation to see if you qualify for The Diabetes Fix is $347.


When you mention this article you will receive your evaluation for $97.00 which is a bargain considering the money you’ll be saving when you REVERSE your Type-2 Diabetes, not to mention the piece of mind you’ll feel when you reclaim your health, burn your stubborn fat, control your blood sugars, heal your troubled joints, and more.

You’ll discover beating diabetes is not as hard as everyone else makes it. In fact, I guarantee after you put the effort into your program, you’ll find it perhaps one of the most enjoyable experiences ever, because of how good you feel.


Call now to schedule your Gift Evaluation of $97.00 with our office.