A smart solution for allergy sufferers

Unlike over-the-counter and prescription medications that ease your symptoms but may have significant side effects, we identify, and then treat the cause of your “dis-ease” using our unique custom-formulated antigen therapies that desensitize your immune system to many of the pollens, molds, and other triggers that cause your symptoms and make you uncomfortable. This desensitization therapy will allow you to be around those allergens without the common allergic reactions and symptoms.

Pinnacle Integrative Health knows that no two patients are the same. Each responds differently to different allergens. That’s why we custom-formulate every single dosage of our allergy medications specifically for you, the individual.

Mass-produced over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription allergy medications can ease your symptoms. But they often have significant side effects.

This Process Will Eliminate the Cause of Your Allergies

We work as a team and we want the best for you and your health.

We care about you and your health and we want the best possible care for you. That’s why we are offering holistic custom tailored allergy solutions from a team of providers to eliminate your symptoms and discomfort. The sooner you start the sooner you can enjoy a more comfortable, better quality of life!

Better Immunity for Life

Precision allergy testing. Customized treatment. Excellent results.

If you currently use over-the-counter and prescription allergy relief aids, you know that they don’t address the underlying cause of your symptoms. Isn’t it time to get your allergies handled once and for all? Call us immediately for a free consultation to talk with our team about how our precision allergy testing and customized medications could help you say goodbye to your allergies forever.

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