“There are 4 regenerative cell choices, each with its own properties and potential.”

Each program is customized to best fit the desires of the patient.  Two factors are vital:

  1. Choosing the correct cells to accomplish your goals.
  1. Choosing the correct frequency of treatment to achieve the maximal rejuvenation and create a lasting effect.

Cell Options
PRP – Homologous.  Promotes Healing, Supports Collagen and other Cell Growth, Increases Repairing of Cells.

Amniotic Membrane – Homologous use as a Barrier: After inducing trauma with Microneedling, as the body heals it produces collagen as a barrier.  The growth factors, cytokines and scaffolding in the Amniotic Membrance help the body with collagen production and thus better healing, and collagen helps fill the wrinkles, pock marks and lines that make a person look aged.

Umbilical Cord Tissue – Homologous Cushioning & Viscosity (Resist Flowing, Consistence): As people age, the face narrows, draws in and loses its fluff or shape.  Cord Tissue creates volume and cushioning which aids in reducing the narrowing and drawn in look by fluffing the face back up.  Thus giving a natural, more youthful and healthful look.

Exosomes –

Activates Regenerative Mechanisms
Activates Anti-Inflammation Cells
Activates Cellular Growth Factors
Activates Healing Signals