Kelsey S.

Pinnacle Integrative Health is truly an AMAZING place! The treatments, the mind/body spirit approach to care that I’ve received have been life changing! I originally came to acupuncture seeking treatment for 2 herniated disks- I’d been to physical therapy on and off for about 2 years, I tried feldenkrais, and muscle strengthening, but nothing has been as effective as the treatments I’ve received here!

Matt C.

The team at Pinnacle gets five stars for a number of reasons:
– Warm, personalized welcome and goodbye every time I enter and exit the clinic.
– Real, measurable results from the treatments (for me, lower blood pressure, increased endurance, less stress, etc.)
– A focus on lifestyle, complete holistic health and providing guidance beyond just the treatment itself (suggested reading material, effective nutrition, incredible herbs, probiotics, etc.).
The practitioners are knowledgeable and provide a nice counter-perspective to what we hear from Conventional Western medicine.

Kayla P.

I know no one who had done acupuncture before. I thought that it may have been a last resort to the excruciating amount of pain I’ve had in my back and shoulders after a highly invasive back surgery I had about a year ago. No medicine had helped me, and I was willing to try anything.
I had one visit with you guys, and I was literally brought to tears as the treatment was so amazing it about completely erased my pain. I highly recommend you all to work with!

Lorena D.

I’ve been receiving acupuncture on and off for almost two decades now, so I feel like I’ve got a reasonable idea of what to expect. Danny is one of the better practitioners I have worked with, and I have trusted him to help me overcome some very significant health challenges.

Susan S.

I came to Pinnacle after being rear-ended in a car accident almost two years ago. I had chronic lower back pain. I was in pain sometimes just sitting up and had trouble putting on shoes and socks. The staff here has gotten me feeling and moving so much better. I am no longer in pain just sitting down and I have returned to many of my old activities that I love. I’m so happy I tried this treatment program, I have had so much success with it. Thanks so much!

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