Kelsey H.

I can’t rave enough or recommend strongly enough about my experience at Pinnacle; It has changed my life.

Erika R.

The entire team explained the healing process like I had never heard before. And just like they said, improvements would initially be up and then down then up and up and up. I can say Pinnacle has perfected their healing arts! I can’t thank you enough, I am 80% healed up in less than 4 months!

Cynthia D.

Getting to the root of my problems physically has helped me heal emotionally as well. I look forward to getting better and starting life again!

Anita K.

When I came into Pinnacle, I was literally dying. My digestive system was not functioning well, I was irritable, I lacked energy and had constant mental fogginess. I was filled with self-doubt and weighed 269.5 lbs (highest I have ever been). I felt trapped in hopelessness and was so sick of living that way. In a few short months I have lost 20lbs, I feel energetic, focused and joyful. My husband and children have remarked on the change. My friends tell me ‘there’s just a glow emanating from you.’ I see life in vivid color. I am hopeful even in the midst of a great challenge.

Cassandra B.

I came to Pinnacle for treatment of back pain that I had dealt with since first injuring it about 6 years ago. I also sought treatment for depression that I had tried to address with anti-depressant medication unsuccessfully for about 10 years. I saw instant results: my back pain went away quickly, I began to feel less fatigued, anxious and depressed overall. Most importantly, Pinnacle gave me hope where I had none left. They gave me the tools and encouragement to continue to make my health and well-being my first priority, just as they had done.