Cassandra B.

I came to Pinnacle for treatment of back pain that I had dealt with since first injuring it about 6 years ago. I also sought treatment for depression that I had tried to address with anti-depressant medication unsuccessfully for about 10 years. I saw instant results: my back pain went away quickly, I began to feel less fatigued, anxious and depressed overall. Most importantly, Pinnacle gave me hope where I had none left. They gave me the tools and encouragement to continue to make my health and well-being my first priority, just as they had done.

Betty I.

I can not thank you enough for the powerful session I had with you. It normally takes 7 days of self talk to pull me out of a situational depression. With your lead and knowledge, I was back to my ” normal” self that same night. Very powerful. You and your staff work miracles. I am blessed to have found you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Rachel B.

Impressive beyond words. After seeking treatment for over 12 years for a troubling condition, the team approach at Pinnacle finally brought a break through that has greatly improved my quality of life. Danny and his team are top notch!

Elizabeth G.

Three weeks into treatment with the provider team at Pinnacle, I was walking straight and standing in front of the classroom with relative ease for the first time in years. Three months into treatment, I now stand for six hours a day and go dancing on the weekends. I have my life back!

Lisa S.

Best place I’ve ever been. Great staff! They helped me out of my back pain associated to my disc, when i could barely walk at the time. They are now helping me with this incredible health treatment to reverse my auto immune problems from years ago. I have seen such positive results in the few months I’ve been going to them – I highly recommend this clinic. Thank you for everything!

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