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Sciatic vs. Piriformis Greetings All, Let me start out by giving the Team of Professionals at Pinnacle Integrative an 8 out of 5 stars. Here’s some back ground; I became associated with the Pinnacle Team through my wife who started one of Pinnacle’s wellness programs…

Esther M.

I joined the program about six weeks ago. I’m now off Januvia and Lipitor. This was the turning point in my life.

Frank M.

In 4 months I went from a size 50 waist to a size 40. I’m completely off insulin, where I was up to 30 units. I was having a lot of pain in my legs and feet, and also numbness in my hands. My eyesight…

Carl Vann.

Type 2 Diabetes? “After 5 months I’ve lost 58 lbs and my doctor has taken me off all my diabetes and blood pressure medications. My blood sugar dropped from 205 to 193 to 85-93. This saved my life!

Marc G.

Fantastic results.. Unlike any other acupuncture treatment or therapy I have had. Highly recommended.