Workplace Safety Month: Spine Injuries – Seattle, WA

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Workplace Safety Month: Spine Injuries – Seattle, WA

March is Workplace Safety Month. Nearly 20% of all workplace injuries occur in the spine. Spinal injuries are common in just about every occupation and are avoidable in most instances. Additionally, the pain from said injuries often radiates and can cause back and neck pain. This March, Pinnacle Integrative in Seattle, WA has your back with these spine saving tips.

A Few Preventative Measures
The most common factor in back injuries is poor lifting habits. By making these small adjustments to the way you lift your load, you can spare yourself considerable harm.

  • Test the weight of the intended object or load with a simple push or kick.
  • Ask a coworker for help or use a dolly for exceptionally heavy or irregularly shaped items. You also have the option to divide your load into smaller parts and make multiple trips.
  • Create a sturdy lift foundation, tighten your core and see your lift through to the end. Start by planting your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold your load close and tight to your body. Bend at the knees, then lift with your leg muscles as you stand up straight.
  • Keep your feet in line with your spine when turning. Do not twist your torso as you lift.

    An ergonomically unsound workspace can also contribute to a back injury. Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, our Seattle WA Acupuncturist have a few suggestions that will keep your spine in line.

  • Select a chair that offers good lower back support.
  • Sit up as straight and as far back in your seat as possible.
  • Keep frequently used items like your phone, pens and notepads well within reach.

Too Little, Too Late
At Pinnacle Integrative in Seattle WA, we know that sometimes injury is inevitable. If you already have a spinal injury and suffer from back or neck pain, acupuncture is an excellent treatment option. Acupuncture improves sensory and motor functions in people with spine injuries by prompting an inflammation-decreasing stress response in the body. This response reduces the injury’s initial discomfort and prevents potential nerve cell death. Five weeks of therapy from our seasoned Seattle WA Acupuncturist can relieve lower back and neck pain for up to six months.

If you prefer a holistic approach to pain relief, acupuncture is a wonderful option. Schedule an appointment with one of our caring practitioners for a healing experience.


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