Endometriosis Care in Seattle WA

Endometriosis is not an uncommon condition, even though it is difficult to understand, manage, and care for.   In conventional medicine, it is not well understood what the cause is and there is no established cure for the condition.  As such, it can be extremely challenging to live with Endometriosis.

Endometriosis arises when the tissue lining the uterus (the endometrium) begins growing abnormally outside the uterus. This tissue can grow over the uterus, on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and/or tissues that line the reproductive system. Naturally, the endometrium thickens, then detaches and leaves the body during a woman’s period. When the endometrium grows in other parts of the reproductive system, it sheds as it should, but has no exit route like normal endometrium does. As a result, this condition can lead to further conditions like inflammation within the body, scar tissue build-up, tissue adhesions, pain, and infertility.

Care Options for Endometriosis

Because Endometriosis can be such a difficult condition to manage, many women seek an array of care options before finding one that meets their healthcare needs. Holistic healthcare professionals attempt to assist women with Endometriosis so that they can manage their health condition naturally.

Often, conventional medical care can add to the layers of difficulty those with Endometriosis face. Because conventional medicine offers care that involves medication and surgery, it is not ideal for many patients.

However, with holistic approach, women with Endometriosis can take steps to reduce the pain and inflammation they experience without needing potentially dangerous medication and/or surgery. 

Pinnacle Integrative Health’s approach, called The 3/4/5 METHOD For Health Transformation, has more than 10 years of proven track record for hundreds of our patients, providing a framework for discovering the root causes and treating the root cause of Endometriosis.  This is an option for  many women who do not want surgery or who do not want to just “tolerate” their condition.  Every patient is different and the only way to learn more about The 3/4/5 METHOD and to determine if this approach would work for you is to schedule a no risk, complimentary Health Discovery Session.