Infertility Care in Seattle WA

Fertility issues have an array of causes and complications. While structural dysfunction, hormonal disorders and systemic inflammation are typical root causes of infertility, mental and emotional stresses can compound these root causes as well not to mention the emotional roller coaster a couple may already be facing.

At Pinnacle Integrative Health, Daniel Rasmussen Dipl. OM, AEMP, L.Ac and his team of providers understand that what affects the mind will affect the body, and what affects the body will affect the mind.

As such, the medical professionals at this Seattle holistic health center strive to bring the body and mind into harmonious balance to improve fertility and overall health.

Whole Body Health

Rather than focusing solely on pumping the body with hormones, i.e. IVF treatment, the team of certified Functional Medicine Practitioners at Pinnacle Integrative Health strive to get to the root of the problem by running thorough tests and examinations.  We treat every patient as unique individuals and, as such, our programs of care called The 3/4/5 METHOD  are fully customized to each unique patient.  There is no cookie cutter process when it comes to correcting the root cause of infertility.

In addition to discovering the underlying causes of fertility issues, the team at Pinnacle Integrative Health offer therapeutic aid and care to improve overall health in addition to fertility.

After testing reveals the details of all of your root causes, then the steps of the 3/4/5 METHOD may include an array of treatments to rebalance & reset health, including Acupuncture, detoxification protocols, peptide therapy, nutritional management to help eliminate inflammatory foods, stress management, prescriptive exercise routines, weight management techniques, gut healing protocols, and herbal supplementation.

The primary goal of fertility care is to encourage conception, a healthy pregnancy, and a new member of your family. However, the first step toward improving reproductive health is developing whole-body health.

Pinnacle’s proprietary approach known as The 3/4/5 METHOD For Health Transformation has a proven track record of helping hundreds of our patients reach their health goals in 12 months or less.  Every patient is different and the only way to learn more about whether The 3/4/5 METHOD is the correct approach for you, is to schedule a no risk, complimentary Health Discovery Session.  This can be done in-office or a virtual visit.