What is Acupuncture and What Can It Treat? – Seattle, WA

What is Acupuncture and What Can It Treat? – Seattle, WA

Before modern medicine, acupuncture was used to treat several health ailments. Millions of people treated minor and severe health problems with holistic medicine. Recently, acupuncture treatments have been gaining popularity in modern medicine. Health professionals have been practicing acupuncture for nearly three thousand years. A Seattle WA acupuncturist can treat external and internal health problems. In addition to pain relief, acupuncture can also help with weight loss.

Balancing Energy Within The Body

The professionals at Pinnacle Integrative in Seattle WA use acupuncture to balance energy in the body. When energy is not evenly distributed, several health problems can develop. Energy is balanced by targeting certain locations in the body. In order for acupuncture to work effectively, patients must believe they can be healed. Negative energy in the mind will slow the healing process. The needles are applied to meridians. When they are inserted, they help energy flow inside the body. When a person undergoes acupuncture treatment, the health professional focuses on large organs. An energy imbalance in the stomach or lungs can be the source of health problems.

Advantages of Acupuncture Treatments Over Western Medicine

Several people choose a Seattle WA acupuncturist for financial reasons. Health insurance is expensive, and many people seek out holistic remedies for a safe and effective treatment for their condition. Sticking needles into the body to relieve pain might seem strange, but science supports the practice. The needles used in acupuncture stimulate nerve endings. When the skin is punctured, the brain sends a signal to relieve pain. Acupuncture can also be used as a treatment for substance abuse. Many health professionals use holistic medicine to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal medications.

Acupuncture Treatments Are Gaining Popularity

Scientists know stress weakens the immune system. Since acupuncture balances energy within the body, it also improves the immune system. Many people use acupuncture to relieve chronic fatigue. After a few therapy sessions, the body can be balanced and rejuvenated. Holistic medicine is rapidly growing in popularity. In fact, some colleges offer classes in alternative medicine.

Affordable healthcare is an important part of society. Despite the cost of health insurance, Pinnacle Integrative in Seattle WA offers holistic healthcare to high and low income earners. Holistic medicine heals symptoms without weakening the immune system, and people who use acupuncture to treat their symptoms balance their whole body. Contact us for more information at 206-624-0397.

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